About us

Woldstad has existed since 1654, and had dairy cows, horses, pigs, sheep and chickens right up until the operation was shut down in the early 90s.

Since 2010, countless parties have been held here, and in 2023 the farm owner passed the baton on to us, who have now taken over the operation of the party premises.

In all phases of life there is a need to gather. We have three function rooms of different sizes. Common to all three is a charm and atmosphere that gives you the feeling that this is a good place to gather - whatever the occasion.

Vi har alle rettigheter og serverer mat og drikke til alle anledninger. Her tilbys pynting og tilrettelegging for et vellykket arrangement. Woldstadfjøset tilpasser tilbud til gruppens ønske, og serverer både tradisjonsmat og nyere retter som tapas.